Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

Due to a love of philanthropy, Monika Bacardi takes part in many non-profit organisations and charities. Largely due to her love of cinema, she helped set up AMBI group (a business specialising in cinematography headquartered in Europe) in 2013. She is a resident of Monaco, which she moved to more than twenty years ago. Monika Bacardi became co-owner of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014. This advanced her connection to the arts sector.

Her 'PHOTO' brand name for photographers and artists is something around which Monika Bacardi endeavors to set up services, offering career management whilst making contacts with foreign customers. Creating funding for, producing and distributing motion pictures to a worldwide market are things that she achieves as co-founder and producer of the AMBI Group. Monika Bacardi's professional life centres upon managing 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group.

Monika Bacardi - Her Personal Life

Monika Bacardi wedded the Lord of Bayfield Hall (Lord Luis Bacardi - a relative of the creator of the Bacardi Company) and they raised a daughter together. Helping the causes and charitable entities which are to her liking consumes much of her free time. Thanks to her respected status in the arts arena and her status as a humanitarian, Monika Bacardi devotes some of her time to film festivals, award ceremonies and charity activities.

Monika Bacardi is a high-profile, renowned personality who, even though she lives in Monaco, also spends much time in different parts of the Continent and in America. Born in Italy, the "Lady of Bayfield Hall" (more often called Lady Bacardi, or just Monika or, in recent times, "The Queen of Charity") has become quite a personality in modern cinematic circles throughout Europe and America. Monika Bacardi has revealed an amazing business talent following the 2005 passing of her husband, who ran the Bacardi business for 4 decades. Having opened AMBI Pictures, she and Andrea Iervolino have now produced an excellent number of motion pictures for the worldwide marketplace.

Seventh Art and Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

Monika Bacardi is part of the Monaco Project for the Arts, helping to support the University of Plastic Arts and establish partnerships in the arts in Monaco. AMBI Pictures is run with the purpose of creating commercial films for a global audience, helping to encourage the art globally. She is an ardent supporter of Amis de l'Opera, which has for thirty years, aided l'Opera de Monte-Carlo. Monika Bacardi values the works of numerous photographers and artists, which accounts for her enthusiasm for photography and modern art.

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