Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

Charles Rosier’s Education

In the year 1996, Charles Rosier ('s profession began at Lehman Brothers, after which he joined UBS Warburg Investment Bank. He became recognised as being an investment banker who had had lots of experience, particularly in large firms with whom he had held many positions. He spent 2 years of extra study in preparation for more French requirements. Charles Rosier received his degree from ESCP Europe, which opened the path to his initial career.

Charles Rosier's Environmental Projects

Charles Rosier is a partner at a French company (Innoveox) that envisions an environment that is totally free from pollution. Economical LED lanterns is a project of MPOWERD. These are being sent to poor countries to provide them with cost-effective energy solutions. Promoting the proper use of resources paired with awareness projects on pollution-free environment is very important to Innoveox because they envision creating a secure environment for all by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Charles Rosier invested in MPOWERD, assisting the company financially to create lanterns and other energy solutions. There are 25 poor countries around the world supplied by MPOWERD.

Healthcare Projects

The investment by Charles Rosier allowed them to do studies and, because of that, Charles Rosier was given a specific profit-share. He invested capital in Mapreg, a Paris-based laboratory that was in the business of researching about depression, strokes and other serious issues. Baulieu and his colleagues were creating a new drug, however they needed more funds to develop such a drug... so he invested in them.

The Career of Charles Rosier

In August 2010, Charles Rosier joined BTG Pactual. In addition to this, he became a partner there. BTG Pactual is an investment bank in Latin America. There are around 2,500 personnel hired at BTG Pactual, which has 30 years of experience. In 1999, Charles Rosier was offered a great job at Goldman Sachs (GMS). When he accepted the offer, he became their Managing Director.

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